We recently transferred our pointshop system to mysql, you may have lost some points and inventory due to this. Please email [email protected] with your steam ID and which server(s) your inventory was located on (stranded, cinema etc), we'll then investigate and recover your inventory
  • Welcome to the Holy Cake Movement!

  • A Gaming Community with multiple game servers

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Several servers for multiple games for you to enjoy!


So you can enjoy talking whilst playing with others!


An expansive forum for any discussion!


A large Steam community, to help find and meet other members!

The Holy Cake Movement


The Holy Cake Movement was founded on 22 February 2008 as an open community on Steam. Over the years we have provided several services for our member and others, such as several game servers for multiple games as well as other servers (Voice, Radio etc). Through experience we have learnt how to run a well structured and administrated community, to ensure that the experience you receive on a Holy Cake Movement server is the best experience possible; We provide high performing and reliable servers and active administrators.


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