We recently transferred our pointshop system to mysql, you may have lost some points and inventory due to this. Please email [email protected] with your steam ID and which server(s) your inventory was located on (stranded, cinema etc), we'll then investigate and recover your inventory

Click any of the images below to quick connect to the selected HCM Server

Garry's Mod

Sandbox server for 32 players on gm_flatgrass

Sandbox (

Stranded server for 32 players on gms_rollinghills_daynight_b1

Stranded (

Cinema server for 32 players on cinema_holycakemovement

Cinema (

Slashers server for 10 players on slash_* maps

Slashers (

Floor is Lava server for 32 players on lava_* maps

Floor is Lava (

Elevator source server for 24 players on elevator

Elevator Source (