We recently transferred our pointshop system to mysql, you may have lost some points and inventory due to this. Please email [email protected] with your steam ID and which server(s) your inventory was located on (stranded, cinema etc), we'll then investigate and recover your inventory

Donations to Holy Cake Movement allow us to continue providing the services we do, such as the website, forum and game/voice servers. However unlike a normal donation where you should expect little in return except a lovely sense of generosity and helping a cause/community, we also wish to offer something back to you for your help if you want it! Sections of our game server network allow you to receive in-game benefits, such as additional customization and abilities.

A straightforward donation to Holy Cake Movement. No additional ingame benefits, but definitely our appreciation!

Donation to HCM - Standard

A donation to HCM which can get you benefits on our Garry's Mod servers, such as additional player customization and abilities to improve your experience further!

Donation to HCM - Garry's Mod Benefits