Application Guidelines: Rust

Want to help us keep the servers lively, moderated and friendly? Then why not apply to become a server administrator! Application guidelines can be found here
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Rust Application Template

Your application is important to us. However, if it is not filled out from the template below, it could be overlooked and ignored. You can find your Rust ID by joining the HCM Rust server and typing /uid in the chat.


Steam Name:

Rust ID:

What is the full name of the Rust Server?:

Please give a rough guess of your total playtime (Time Required Is 2 Days, 1 Day for current HCM Admin Staff):

Please post previous moderator experience here:

Why do you think you should get a Moderator position on our server?:

Do you understand that you will only obtain kick & ban privileges?:

Anything else you wish to mention?:
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